Genuine Scooter Repair in Chicago


For discerning Genuine Scooters enthusiasts, preserving the unparalleled condition of their beloved machines is a crucial concern. At EPM Motorsports in Chicago, we’re devoted to providing custom-engineered repair and maintenance services meticulously tailored for your specific Genuine Scooters model, allowing you to experience unadulterated joy on the open road.

EPM Motorsports: The Premier Hub for Genuine Scooters Repairs in Chicago

At EPM Motorsports, we’re honored to be the trusted destination for all your Genuine Scooters repair and maintenance needs. Our wide-ranging expertise is deeply rooted in various Genuine Scooters models, particularly the celebrated Buddy, Rough House R50, Buddy Kick, Hooligan 170i scooters, and the iconic G400C motorcycle. Our team of certified experts, deeply passionate about all things motorized, consistently strive to deliver first-rate service quality to our distinguished clientele.

Our wide array of services includes routine check-ups, minor adjustments, major refurbishments, preventive maintenance, engine repairs, suspension and steering upgrades, tire replacements, and wheel services, along with winterization and storage facilities.

Preventive Maintenance: Upholding the Pristine Performance of Your Genuine Scooters

Our preventive maintenance services are meticulously designed to maintain the prime performance of your Genuine Scooters. Regardless if you ride the nimble Buddy, the spirited Rough House R50, the vibrant Buddy Kick, the robust Hooligan 170i, or the commanding G400C motorcycle, we employ superior-grade parts and fluids to guarantee enduring durability and peak performance. Adhering to your Genuine Scooters’ factory specifications, our engine repair services leverage innovative technology, ensuring that all repairs conform to the strictest industry standards.

Precision Control and Comfort: Elite Suspension and Steering Services for Your Genuine Scooters

With a deep understanding of the importance of precise control and comfort for your Genuine Scooters’ ride quality, we offer elite suspension and steering services that promise a smooth and effortless ride. Our highly skilled professionals use the latest tools and technologies to accurately diagnose and resolve issues with your vehicle’s suspension and steering systems.

Safety and Unrivaled Performance: Comprehensive Tire and Wheel Services for Your Genuine Scooters

Appreciating the critical role that well-kept tires and wheels play in your scooters’ safety and performance, we offer tire replacement and wheel repair services. Our experienced technicians utilize advanced tools to confirm that your tires are correctly inflated and aligned, promoting optimal performance and handling on any road surface.

Winterization and Storage: Safeguarding Your Genuine Scooters During the Chilly Months

When the winter season is just around the corner, you want to make sure your Genuine Scooters are well-prepared with our comprehensive winterization and storage services. Our storage facilities offer a secure and safe environment for storing your vehicle during the off-season, giving you peace of mind knowing it’s protected.

Insurance Diagnostic and Repairs: Smooth Recovery for Your Genuine Scooters

EPM Motorsports delivers comprehensive Insurance Diagnostic and Repair services for your Genuine Scooters. We work closely with insurance providers to provide accurate diagnostics and smooth repair processes, making the aftermath of an unfortunate incident as stress-free as possible while restoring your vehicle to its prime state.

Towing Service: Dependable and Rapid Assistance for Your Genuine Scooters

Should an unexpected situation necessitate the transportation of your Genuine Scooter, EPM Motorsports offers a dependable and quick towing service. Our team handles your vehicle with the highest level of care, ensuring secure transportation to our service center. You can trust our swift and efficient service.

Regardless of the repair or maintenance service your Genuine Scooters require, our dedicated team at EPM Motorsports is ready to assist. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and experience the unparalleled dedication and expertise offered by a service center that truly values the world of motorsports.