EPM Motorsports becomes a certified repair center for Coleman Powersports

Investing in small engine products is a considerable investment, and the products need regular upkeep, service, and maintenance to keep them in good condition. Well, in the case of Coleman Powersports products, you need to take special care like genuine parts and accessories to ensure that your branded product is well-maintained.
Based in Tempe, Arizona, Coleman Powersports is a market leader in small engine products such as mini-bikes, outboard engines, UTVs, and even generators. Planning to go for a two-wheel adventure, consider their dirt motorcycles, which are perfect for ripping through dirt tracks.

Authorized Coleman Repair Center

If you are searching for one of the most reputable and authorized Coleman Repair Center Chicago, IL, then your search ends here. Your favorite and go-to-go Service Center, EPM Motorsports, is now the authorized Coleman Powersports Repair Center.
EPM Motorsports, located in Chicago’s Jefferson Park area, is pleased to announce its affiliation with Coleman Powersports as an Authorized Service Center!
We will provide unrivaled repair services to clients with valid warranty coverage on all products, Coleman! We provide you with something that no other store can match, and that is “quick service!” We’re your store if you require regular maintenance, such as tire replacement, oil, fluid, and filter changes, brake repair, or other regular service needs.

Robust Technical Support with Cutting-Edge Technology

It is no exception, given the company’s illustrious heritage in the outdoor industry. Coleman Powersports depends on their network of Authorized Service Centers to correct mechanical issues as wear and tear accumulate on the Powersports items they offer and manufacturer faults that may develop.

We were picked not just because of our essential technical capabilities but also because of our emphasis on excellent customer service skills. Our strategy is to be as honest as possible with our Coleman partners and clients from the minute we contact them about their claim through the full repair procedure and ultimate pick-up.

The odds of unexpected breakdowns and component failures greatly reduce with regular maintenance. When riding the bike, one feels complete peace of mind. Further, we ensure that your Powersports bike is always running in good condition by thoroughly inspecting your motorbikes.

We will ensure that brakes to engine oil to every other aspect of your bike are in proper condition. For instance, carbon deposits in the oil may lead it to thicken and potentially damage the engine of the motorcycle. Riding the bike on unclean engine oil raises fuel usage and significantly shortens the engine’s life. So, a full-service of your bike is essential.

Get in Touch!

Contact us if you have a Coleman engine that needs to be repaired, or text us at the bottom right of our page. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

We can usually manage most walk-ins before the end of the working day, or we can schedule an appointment for you! Ride your bike care-free with regular upkeep and services from the authorized Coleman Bike Service Chicago, IL.

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