How to Drive a Manual Transmission Dirt Bike

First gear

Luckily, it’s really not as difficult as it sounds. The main learning curve is shifting from neutral to first gear. Once you have the first gear down pat, you’ll be in good shape.

To begin, make sure the vehicle is in neutral. While sitting on the vehicle, see if the vehicle can move freely without the gears causing the tires to lock up . With the left lever and gear shifter activated, slowly give the throttle on the right some gas. You will now begin to move slowly. As you are gradually gassing the bike into acceleration, slowly let go of the clutch lever with your left hand. You’ve done it! You are now in first gear!

Second gear and beyond

The motor on the vehicle will let you know when it is time to make the upshift. You will hear this simply from the engine getting louder and louder, since the RPMs are increasing. As you hear the RPMs increasing, it is now time to put your left hand back on the left lever, and engage the gear shifter UP or DOWN (designated by vehicle make model) with your left foot, all while increasing your speed with your right hand on the throttle. This is a continuous process until you reach the fourth and final gear.


This is easy: as the bike is slowing down, whether you are cruising to a stop or braking to a stop, you also want to make sure you are DOWNshifting with your left foot and engaging the left lever with your hand. You’ll be doing the exact opposite than upshifting: you’re engaging the gear shifter DOWN.