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Motorcycle/ATV Storage

Powersports Storage Facility in Chicago

EPM Motorsports in Chicago, Illinois is the home of powersports storage for your motorcycle, dirt bike, scooter, ATV, UTV, side-by-side, and Can-Am vehicles. We are the best option for storing your beloved powersports vehicle because our facilities are monitored by camera and staffing personnel 24 hours a day and seven days a week. EPM Motorsports also offers temperature controlled buildings. This means your motorcycle and ATV will stay warm in the winter months and cool in the summer months. Given our mechanical expertise, we are also a great option for powersports storage because your side-by-side and dirt bike can be scheduled for mechanical repairs while you are away. Our motorcycle and ATV storage services will include end-of-season and start-of-season washes and shining. This ensures that you are ending the season on a clean bike and starting the next season with a clean bike. If you’d like, we can monitor your battery with a trickle charger so your battery is always ready for a fast start and crank to the engine. All of our motorcycle and ATV storage options are personalized to you and your vehicles. Whether you are looking for short-term ATV storage or winter motorcycle storage, EPM Motorsports is the best option for dirt bike enthusiasts and Chicago stunt riders looking for a quality solution to their storage needs.

Motorcycle, Dirt Bike, & Scooter Storage Chicago

If you are looking for a safe winter storage facility in Chicago for your two-wheeled powersports vehicle, look no further than EPM Motorsports. With our HD 4K resolution cameras that capture high-quality video and audio, rest assured that EPM Motorsports is the safest place to store your scooter and dirt bike while The City of Chicago is too cold to ride. If our state-of-the-art security cameras are not enough, rest assured that our facilities are staffed 24/7 with EPM Motorsports trained staff and personnel. This means that your motorcycle, scooter, or dirt bike will not be bothered by outside influences or problems. Our building is also equipped with alarm systems and security passwords so only those that are a part of the team can enter the building. The Jefferson Park neighborhood of Chicago is also one of the safest neighborhoods in Chicago. Monitored by the 16th Chicago Police District, “data shows violent crime is generally lower on the Far Northwest Side”. EPM Motorsports is the safest storage facility in Chicago. 

ATV, UTV, & Side-by-Side Storage Chicago

EPM Motorsports has a temperature controlled storage facility for your four-wheeled powersports vehicle. When searching for a winter storage facility for your ATV, you must consider EPM Motorsports as the warmest facility for storage in Chicago. Having a warm and temperature controlled storage option for your UTV is crucial in protecting the longevity of your vehicle and all of its components. When the storage option you find is warm, it is a preventative maintenance measure for your side-by-side. EPM Motorsports can guarantee that your vehicle’s fluids do not have a fluctuation in temperature. Having our facility always at or above 60 degrees fahrenheit in the winter also ensures that your tires do not stiffen from cold weather. Our warm storage facility for your dirt bike will also prolong the life on the tread and traction of your tires. With our warm storage facility in the winter, your tires are not at risk of cracking nor losing elasticity. EPM Motorsports also ensures that the humidity inside of our building is around 40% which translates to proper cable functionality, fluids staying loose, and bearings remaining naturally oiled. EPM Motorsports is the warmest storage facility for your ATV, UTV, and Side-by-Side in Chicago. 

Can-Am Storage Chicago

If your Can-Am Spyder or Ryker is looking for a place to store itself in the winter, look no further than EPM Motorsports for our mechanical abilities. Since The City of Chicago is freezing cold in the winter, now is the best time to complete mechanical repairs on your motorcycle and ATV. Given our master mechanics 80+ years of experience combined, engine overhaul jobs are the best to complete in the winter. While your vehicle is being stored, allow EPM Motorsports to diagnose the “tick” or “rattle” in your engine. Our motorcycle mechanics are experts at engine work like changing piston rings, honing cylinders, fixing your camshaft, replacing a crankshaft rod, or installing new exhaust and intake valves. It is important to attend to engine noises on your ATV and motorcycle because this will prolong the life of your bike. If your ATV’s engine is locked up, EPM Motorsports can diagnose this problem for you and have your vehicle running perfectly by the time the next season starts. EPM’s engine overhaul services can be scheduled by the time you drop off your ATV or motorcycle for winter storage. Our master powersports technicians can also complete service schedule maintenance requests for you, abiding by your OEM specifications. Your service schedule maintenance services follow your mileage or months driven. These guidelines are also set by your ATV or motorcycle’s year, make, and model. The typical 600-mile service will include removing and replacing your engine oil and oil filter and inspecting brake lines. The typical 24,000-mile service interval will include cleaning your crankcase ventilation system and adjusting your drive train. EPM Motorsports has mechanical experts ready for your motorcycle and ATV storage needs.