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Service & Repairs
Fleet Management Repair Services For ATVs/UTVs in Chicago

Fleet Management Repair Services For ATVs/UTVs in Chicago

Navigating through the complex terrain of fleet management services for ATVs and UTVs requires professional expertise and a dedicated commitment to high-quality service. At EPM Motorsports, we couple our half-century of industry knowledge with rigorous maintenance practices, offering our clients an unparalleled fleet management experience.

Tailored Repair Services to Meet Your Specific Needs

At EPM Motorsports, our well-structured fleet management repair services for ATVs/UTVs ensure that every vehicle in your fleet remains in optimum condition, regardless of its make or model.

Our dedication to serving the distinct needs of our clients is evidenced by our work with government agencies, which often require the highest level of attention to their power sports vehicles. This includes our ongoing partnership with Amtrak, where we offer unmatched fleet maintenance services for all of their UTVs operating in their Downtown Chicago Rail Yard.

Drawing from our 50+ years of combined experience managing fleets of various sizes, we’re well-versed in detecting and rectifying a wide range of mechanical issues. Whether you own a small fleet or oversee an expansive collection of ATVs and UTVs, EPM Motorsports ensures every vehicle receives premium service and care.

Strict Adherence to Preventative Maintenance Schedules

We believe in the importance of regular check-ups and preventative maintenance, which is why we offer monthly and quarterly preventative maintenance schedules. Our team meticulously inspects each vehicle for potential problems and implements preventive measures to eliminate the risk of costly breakdowns in the future.

Safety: Our Non-Negotiable Priority

Keeping in line with our commitment to providing secure and reliable services, we strictly adhere to the Department of Transportation (DOT) safety protocols. We prioritize safety not only for the sake of regulatory compliance but also to ensure the well-being of our clients and their fleet users.

Cost-Efficient Services and Detailed Cost Analysis

Our team provides a detailed cost breakdown per vehicle, assisting our clients in making informed decisions about their fleet. By closely examining the costs associated with repairs versus purchasing a new vehicle, we help you determine whether it’s more economical to maintain or replace a vehicle.

Seamless Financial Transaction System

To make our financial interactions as seamless as possible, we are familiar with the Ariba PO pay system, ensuring smooth transactions and reducing the potential for billing discrepancies or confusion.

Your Fleet Deserves EPM Motorsports’ Expertise

Regarding fleet management services for ATVs and UTVs, EPM Motorsports stands out with superior service, extensive experience, and dedicated client care. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of service, reliability, and safety in the industry.

Don’t leave the health and longevity of your fleet to chance. Invest in professional fleet management services from EPM Motorsports. Discover how our experience and dedication to excellence can enhance your fleet’s performance and lifespan. Contact us today for a custom-tailored service plan designed to meet your unique fleet management needs.